Parking for visitors with disabilities

Sign Handicapped Parking

Two parking spaces dedicated for the disabled can be found on the left side of Arnold-Freymuth-Straße which leads from Heßlerstraße to the parking area of the Higher Regional Court.

Barrier-free access to the Court premises

The distance from the dedicated parking spaces for the disabled to the main entrance of the Court is 25 meters from those at the left side of Arnold-Freymuth-Straße and 75 meters from those at the back of the building; there are neither steps nor major gradients.

For security reasons access to the Court premises is possible only at the main entrance through a revolving door. Visitors with wheelchairs, pushchairs or walking frames are allowed to enter the building through a separate door which is at the main entrance on the right side of the revolving door. This door is always locked due to security restrictions. Disabled visitors who want to use this side entrance must first ring the bell marked with a wheelchair symbol at the letter box of the Court. The letter box can be found on the left side of the revolving door. After ringing the bell a staff member of the Court will come and open the door. The security checkpoint can be passed without stairs.

The Court premises are comprised of 4 buildings (named A, B, C and D) that are connected by a large entrance hall. All floors in these buildings can be reached via elevators with automatic announcement speaker system. The buttons in the elevators of building A are also marked in Braille. Buildings A and B as well as the canteen can be reached from the entrance hall without stairs. Access to buildings C and D can be facilitated through a small elevator at ground level of the staircase or on the first floor of building B through a passage without stairs.

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms

Sign handicapped Toilets

Public restrooms for the disabled can be found in building B at ground level and in buildings A and D on all floors. Keys are not required to access these restrooms.

Information on evacuation proceedings

Use of elevators is strictly forbidden in case of evacuation. Especially designed evacuation chairs will be used to take disabled persons to a secure location. Evacuation assistants who are trained in using these evacuation chairs will assist disabled persons. These assistants wearing a red vest with the label „Evakuierungshelfer“ can be found in all buildings on each level.


All staff members on duty at the gate of the Higher Regional Court are happy to assist in case of any questions.

It is also possible to contact the gate by telephone at 02381 272-3001 (operated between 7.30 and 15.00).