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welcome to the website of the Higher Regional Court Hamm.

The city of Hamm has a long tradition as a location for Courts which dates back to the 13th century. The Higher Regional Court is located in Hamm since 1820 and represents, with approximately 200 judges and 700 staff, the largest Court of such type in Germany. The territorial jurisdiction of the Court covers an area of approximately 22.500 square kilometres with about 9 million residents and countless companies and craft producers. This area is comprised of the industrial zone called „Ruhrgebiet“ as well as the „Siegerland“, „Münsterland“ and the region of East Westphalia. 10 District Courts and 77 Municipal Courts are located within the area of judicial competence of the Higher Regional Court Hamm which serves with  42 Civil Divisions, 11 Family Divisions and 5 Criminal Divisions predominately as Court of Appeal.

Beside its jurisdictional competence the Higher Regional Court Hamm is an administrative authority for a wide range of judicial affairs. Associated with the Court is the Judicial Examination Office which conducts compulsory state examinations as part of the First State Examination in Law.

The Court on regular basis hosts special events such as art exhibitions, lectures and other presentations in order to address legal, social or cultural matters of interest or debate.

Our website aims at facilitating an easier access to the judicial system. You will find information on the history, tasks and responsibilities as well as services of the Higher Regional Court. You will also find information on our legal system, our Court system and a selection of the Court’s current jurisprudence.

The information provided in English language is focused on the most important key issues. For further information please contact the Representative for International Relations, Judge Norbert Koster, via email at internationale kontakte E-Mail-Adresse, öffnet Ihr Mail-Programm or via telephone at 02381 272-1529.

Comments on our internet presentation and proposals for improvement are always welcome and can be submitted via email to webmaster E-Mail-Adresse, öffnet Ihr Mail-Programm.

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Arnim Sabrowsky